Beyond Carpet Stretching: We Also Specialize in Double-Stick Carpet Installation

Carpet Stretching in Dallas, TX


Flooring And Renovations LLC is known for the reliable carpet stretching services that we offer in Dallas, TX. However, we don’t just stretch worn carpets and restore them to excellent condition — we also specialize in double-stick carpet installation! If you’d like to replace your hard floors with carpet, or if your carpets are due for a replacement, get in touch with us and let our carpet experts assist you!

Double-Stick Carpeting and Its Benefits

This term refers to the process of gluing the carpet padding to the floor substrate then gluing the actual carpet onto the padding. This type of carpet installation method is recommended for most properties since it ensures that the carpet stays secure on the floor. As a result, it becomes less prone to developing wrinkles and it can maintain its excellent aesthetic appeal for a long time. Double-stick carpets also don’t get loose easily, which makes them much safer to walk on since they don’t have any loose areas that can become a trip hazard.

Our Competitive Edge

Our company stands out from the crowd because of our dedication to quality service. We have extensive experience in installing floor coverings, and this has helped us master the intricacies of the double-stick carpet installation method. We also assist property owners with choosing the ideal carpets for their property, and we make sure that their new floor coverings can withstand wear and tear and can stay in great condition for many years. Through our expertise, we can provide our customers with exceptional results and help them have the durable, beautiful, and expertly installed carpets that they deserve.


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