About Our Commercial Carpet Installers’ Work

When creating a practical commercial space, you want to make sure it is comfortable, welcoming, and looks outstanding. There is no better solution than a commercial carpet installation service. Carpets’ durability, versatility, and low-maintenance nature make them the perfect flooring choice for commercial establishments of all types. If you are interested in this service, stay here to learn what we, at Flooring And Renovations LLC, can do for you in Dallas, TX.

From carpet tiles to rolled carpeting, Flooring And Renovations LLC provides your businesses with quick and hassle-free installations that completely transform your property. When you work with our local commercial carpet installers, you can expect them to follow a 6 step process.

We begin with a consultation during which we help customers decide which products and processes are best for their needs. We provide estimates on the spot. We bring samples to help assist with the choice. Once you have decided on the type of carpet you would like to have installed – we can create a plan for the installation.

We will work in phases so that you do not have to close your office while our commercial carpet installers work on your premises. We will work around your schedule to provide you with an efficient and non-disruptive process.

When installing your new carpet, we will begin with removing the previous carpeting or flooring material. We will then prepare the area for the installation, clear all nails or staples, and refinish the subflooring if necessary. We will then remove the debris, dirt, and molding and trim around the edge of the room.

Once the area is thoroughly cleaned and prepared, we can begin with the installation. We will move all modular furniture so we can install the new carpet without the need for any moving or dismantling. We will install the flooring with precision and to your liking. Once the initial work is complete, we will clean up after ourselves.

If you want to install new carpets in your office in Dallas, TX, consider calling our local commercial carpet installers. Flooring And Renovations LLC is a professional company that can assist you with any project. Give us a call at (972) 316-4570 today!

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