Get to Know More About Our Carpet Services by Reading Our FAQ Page

If you want to know more about our carpeting services you should continue reading through our FAQ page. This is where you would find the questions we get asked so often. You might find a question here that you were planning to ask as well as the answer to some things you wanted to know but didn’t think to ask. Whatever information you may need, we hope that you would find some, if not all, answers here to be enough. 

How long have you been installing carpets? 

Flooring And Renovations LLC has been a carpet installer since 2010. Of course, we have already been training and have practiced years before that. You can trust that we have at least more than a decade of experience when it comes to carpet services. 

What other services do you offer?

Our residential and commercial carpet installers services in Dallas, TX, you can also count on our experts to provide you with quality services like ceramic installation, vinyl flooring, double stick carpet design, and rubber floor thickness welding.

Does it take long for you to stretch a carpet?

Carpet stretching usually lasts an hour up to an hour and a half. A lot of factors can affect this including the size of the carpet and the thickness of the fabric but on average it takes an hour and a half. 

Do you offer your services to commercial and residential customers? 

Yes. You can count on Flooring And Renovations LLC for carpet work and other services we offer for both your residential homes and commercial spaces. Just book a schedule with us today to get started. 

Do you have insurance? 

Yes. As one of the experts that you trust for carpet services and reliable flooring work, we want to give you the assurance of safe services so we make sure we have the right insurance in place. 

Do you accept a payment method other than cash? 

Other than cash, you can pay us with a Visa card. If you need more information about our payment methods or you have any concerns just have them addressed right away by our experts over the phone. 

Do you clean carpets?

No, we do not offer carpet cleaning services. We only specialize in installing them and stretching them. 

What time does your business close? 

We close at 5 in the afternoon. We are also closed on weekends so make sure you call us or book our services during the weekdays only and within our hours of operation.

Will I be able to get free estimates? 

Yes. We do offer free estimates to our clients and you can get started on them right away by giving us a call. Take advantage of estimates and our affordable carpet installation services today. 

If you are still unsatisfied with the information you have gotten from our FAQ page, feel free to have your inquiries answered and concerns addressed by our experts directly in Dallas, TX. To reach us you simply dial (972) 316-4570. We would be more than happy to accommodate you as much as we can. 

Services List

  • Carpet Installation
  • Double-Stick Carpet Designs
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Ceramic Installation
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Welding Services
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